Androgenetic alopecia which is also termed as Male Pattern Thinning in males and Female Pattern Thinning in females occurs due to two causative factors. The first thing being the hormone androgen and the other is due to the genes that one carries. Due to the presence of the hair thinning genes the androgen testosterone which gets converted into dihydro testosterone starts affecting the hair follicles in the fronto-vertex region.

The hair starts thinning in this region and also the sebaceous glands in this region become very active due to which the scalp also becomes very oily. As the scalp becomes oily it becomes a favorable environment for the fungi to grow and thereby leading to oily dandruff.

To make it simple if one has to deal with both these hair problems of hair loss and oily dandruff together one has to fight back against the action hormone dihyrotestosterone on the scalp. In fact blocking the activity of the DHT specifically on the scalp is the best line of treatment to solve Male Pattern Thinning whereas in the Female Pattern Thinning giving natural form of phytooestrogens is also one of the line of treatments followed to treat the hair problem along with the previous treatment.

The line of treatment for these hair problems can be divided into four types…

The external treatment

The external treatment would actually help in rejuvenation of the scalp by increasing the nourishment of the follicles and it should be followed as per the prescription of the trichologist. These external treatments should be taken for the required time duration to get the best results.

The external applications

The external applications that are used should have saw palmetto in it as a chief ingredient as it is one of the natural forms of natural DHT blocker. Using oil and shampoo containing saw palmetto will help one to a great extent in hair thinning. Also using external applications containing saw palmetto will have a direct effect on the sebaceous glands which are oil secreting glands of the scalp. Reducing the oil secretion will in turn help in solving the dandruff too.

The internal supplement

There are many plant extracts which are very helpful in solving the hair thinning problems. One should make sure to take it as per the prescription of the trichologist.

The internal diet

Diet also plays a very important role in maintaining the results and one needs to follow it religiously.

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