Premature greying problem can be considered as a blessing only for those who are suffering from baldness. This hair problem only makes the young look older than their age.

The causes of premature greying are mentioned below.

Causative Factor 1

The genetic factor surely plays a great role in causing premature greying due to which if one of the parent suffers from premature greying there are high chances that he or she may pass the defective genes to their children.

Causative Factor 2

Nutritional deficiencies may also lead to premature greying in one and this could be deficiency of iron, copper, iodine, vit B 12, vit C etc.

Causative Factor 3

Exposure to too much of physical as well as mental stress may also lead to premature greying in one. This could be the reason why after a certain acute illness there may be a sudden increase in the number of grey strands in one.

Causative Factor 4

Lack of oiling and exposure to too much of chemical as well as thermal treatments also leads to premature greying.

Solution for grey strands

The best way to deal with grey strands at its beginning is to give internal supplements of L-tyrosine which is a form of non essential amino-acid. You definitely need to consult your trichologist for this.

L-tyrosine supplements work well if the age is less than 30 years and if it is given at the start of premature greying problem.

Along with it one may also take certain precautions in their hair care regime and this would include the following things.

Stay away from all the chemical and thermal treatments as far as possible and also follow a good healthy diet full of minerals and proteins.

Make sure to get yourself tested to rule out any deficiencies and if detected with any form of deficiency treat it in the best possible manner.

As stress is also one of the factors which may lead to greying or aggravate the greying problem one also need to deal with it tactfully. For mental stress one should follow a de-stressing activity in the form of yoga, meditation and pranayam. Listening to soft music can also be of great help.

For physical stress which is due to exertion or illness one should take enough amount of rest and also take various internal vitamin and minerals supplements if required to replenish the lost stores of vitamins and minerals.

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