Surgery is the only way to reverse the irreversible or scarred bald patches. In the surgery we have got two options one being the FUT that is the follicular unit transplantation and the other being the FUE that is follicular unit extraction. In this article I will give you an over view about both these surgical procedures in details.

The first method that is the FUT {follicular unit transplantation} which is also termed as strip method is the one in which a strip of skin is taken from the donor area. The occipital area generally becomes the donor area and the strip of skin is taken from this area. The strip is dissected to remove the follicles which are then transplanted into the recipient balding area.

As a strip of skin is removed the wound need to be stitched due to which this procedure leaves behind a fine line of scar in the occipital region. It is comparatively a painful procedure.

The FUE {follicular unit extraction} procedure is less invasive and painless as compared to the FUT technique.  As the follicles are extracted on individual basis there are no stitches involved in this procedure. This procedure also does not leave behind any form of scar in the occipital region.

A mechanized extractor is used to extract the follicles and the then the follicles are implanted in the recipient areas.

Both these procedures are done under local anesthesia and does not require one to stay overnight in the hospital. Once the hair follicles are implanted it will require 6 to 8 months for it to grow. After the procedure one should at least take a rest of about 5 to 7 days for the wound to heal and the scabs to fall off. The precautions which need to be followed generally will be given after the procedure by the surgeon and one should follow it to get the best results.

Once the surgical procedure is done one should also start with the medical line of treatment as it will help the implanted hair to grow in a better way and it will also help in stabilizing the existing thinning.

The medical line of treatment generally consists of internal plant extracts, good diet, external applications and laser treatments. To get the best results one should meet the trichologist immediately after the procedure.

If you take the right kind of treatment after the procedure your hair will stay fuller and healthier for life.

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