Stress that one faces in their day to day life is mainly divided into two types, the mental stress and the physical stress and this stress effects not only your hair but your entire health. So it is really very important to deal with it in the best possible manner by taking the right kind of steps which are mentioned below in this article.

Stress which can be physical or mental in its origin if tackled in the right manner can prove to be of great help as far as the hair is concerned. The hair problems which get worsened due to the presence of stress are mentioned below.

Although most of the hair problems get worsened up due to the presence of stress the ones which need a special mention are premature greying, androgenetic alopecias, scarring and non scarring alopecias, diffuse hair fall problems, psoriasis, seborrhoiec dermatitis and so on.

To deal with these hair problems we need to first deal with the stress factor. The ways to deal with your mental stress are listed below.

Following a good de-stressing activity in the form of pranayam can prove to be of great help in releasing mental stress and one should follow it without fail. Meditation and yoga also helps in releasing stress and one should follow it to stay de-stressed.

Most of the people who are working or who reside in a metropolitan city find it very difficult to follow the de-stressing activities mentioned above but unfortunately they are the victims of the mental stress. The best thing they can do is listen to soft music while they are traveling and before they go off to sleep at night. Listening to soft music helps one to get distressed to a great extent.

For those who are physically stressed either due to poor health or due to their work profile which demands more of physical work should follow all the things listed below.

They should make sure to follow a good diet which is full of green veggies and fresh fruits. They should also have lots of water. Water intake should be consistent through out the day and should comprise of 3 to 4 litres on a daily basis. Adding up anti-oxidants in the diet also proves to be of great help and one should follow it as it helps in neutralizing the action of toxins on the body. A proper well balanced diet will help them to move on and if that is not sufficient then they can surely add up supplements after meeting their doctor to match up with the demands of their body.

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