Corporate Social Responsibility

Fighting Cancer, fighting hair loss

Richfeel has grown phenomenally in the past decade, however during those years one thing that has been equally valued to our growth is our social efforts that have been evident in our two major areas of contribution towards our corporate social responsibility for the affected and nderprivileged. It is commonly known that people diagnosed with cancer are undergoing a critical phase in their life and are in need of vital support that keeps up their confidence to survive. During the treatment phase cancer patients see adverse impacts of treatments on their hair, something that Richfeel is an expert at. It is using this very expertise Richfeel is able to stand by people to help them regain their hair and their confidence when they need it the most.

Curing with Care for Cancer patients

  • Richfeel trust in the name Mrs. Meenaxiben Shah and Mrs. Rekhaben Shah Memorial Trust in association with Padmashri Dr. S.H. Advani trust for Cancer patients called ‘Helping Hand’
  • Free external application for patients who have undergone Chemotherapy
  • Free systems for patients who have undergone Radiotherapy
  • Service is available at all clinics every Monday in Mumbai

Hair care for all

Today India has sections of society that are in need of treatment for their hair and are unable to afford the cost of treatment. Richfeel has taken the onus of supporting hair care for the underprivileged segments of our society with our special commitment towards them with extremely affordable costs of treatment.

Hair Care For The Underprivileged

  • Richfeel arranges for free Consultation for unprivileged section of society.
  • Nominal registration fee of Rs.100/-
  • Medicines and external application products are provided at 50% discount.
  • Service available on all Mondays at all clinics situated in Mumbai.

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