Book Your Appointment Now – Rs. 250 Discount Offer Available on the Internet Only… Offer Ends on 31st May 2013

Enrolling for a consultation with Richfeel Hair & Scalp clinic will be one of the most intelligent decisions that you will make because we provide you so many benefits for almost nothing. The best part is that if you enroll for a consultation till 31st May 2013 you will save HUGE. We have a special internet offer going on right now where you will save Rs. 250 on consultation.

The normal cost of consultation with a Richfeel trichologist is Rs. 495. However we appreciate that you have visited our website and therefore we will provide you Rs. 250 discount immediately as a part of our special internet offer. All you need to do is visit any Richfeel Clinic and tell them that you have been recommended using internet and our staff will instantly give you Rs. 250 discount on the consultation. So instead of Rs. 495 you will be paying only Rs. 245.

Please Note: It is important that you specify that you have been recommended using internet to avail this discount as this offer is not available for general public. It is a special time limited internet offer only as a part of saying thank you for visiting our website. We are removing this offer on 31st May 2013, therefore make sure that you immediately grab it while it is still available for a limited time.

In just Rs. 245/- you can avail the following benefits by enrolling for a consultation at Richfeel Hair & Scalp Clinic…

1. Annual Consultation from Trichologist.

You can get a consultation done with a trichologist and it will include follow up consultations for 1 year with the trichologist.

This will ensure that not only your hair problem will get solved but also you will be able to maintain your hair for the whole year by meeting the trichologist regularly.

2. Your Tricho-Analysis Report.

You will get a detailed trichoanalysis done for your hair samples and the reports will be further explained to you by the trichologist during the consultation.

This analysis will ensure that the treatment that will be suggested to you by the trichologist will be only after your detailed hair analysis report. This will help us to get to the root cause of your hair problem and treat it in the best possible way.

3. Capilloscopic Examination.

You can also get your hair and scalp checked with the help of an advanced capilloscope which will give a detailed picture of your hair shaft, scalp and hair follicles. This will also be of great help in establishing the diagnosis and in treating your hair and scalp problems.

To make it concise, at Richfeel Hair & Scalp Clinic the patient is treated based on the detailed history, hair analysis report, physical findings as well as capilloscopic findings.

With all these features the treatment for your hair problem will definitely go in the best possible manner and you will get best results at the end of the day.

The fees involved to get all this done is only Rs. 245 which would include all the services we have mentioned above including one year consultation with one of the trichologists.

This is highly reasonable if you compare it with the other clinics who charge upto Rs. 500 only for one time consultation.

The actual fees to get all this done at Richfeel Hair & Scalp Clinic is Rs. 495 but if you enroll for a consultation till 31st May 2013 you pay only Rs. 245. Make sure you grab this offer immediately before we remove it permanently from our website. Make sure that you specify in our clinics that you have been recommended using internet to avail this Rs. 250 discount offer.

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