Basic Lab Test

With our strong belief in medical values, our treatments are based on results of laboratory reports of tests conducted in our research laboratory. For this purpose on the first visit the patient’s hair samples are taken and sent for testing. Following factors are studied in laboratory tests and the report is published.

Root condition
The general condition of the hair root is studied on the basis of the nourishment levels observed in the root. This is useful in understanding the level of nourishment in the scalp.

Shaft condition
The shaft condition reveals if it is prone to breakage or damage.

Tensile strength
The tensile strength of shaft gives an understanding of the strength of hair when pulled apart. This shows the effectiveness of the keratin bonds in hair.

Keratin levels
Lab tests also aim to determine keratin levels of hair, the most vital protein content of hair. This also helps one to get an insight on diet and nutrient intake.

Hair phases
Hair growth occurs in various phases anagen, cactagen and telogen. Hair analysis enables us to get an understanding and estimate of how many hair are in falling phase, growing phase and intermediate stage.

Genetic disorders
Laboratory tests also give a fair understanding of genetic problems ones hair is affected with.

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA)

This objective of HTMA test is to gauge the accurate mineral composition of macro and micro hair minerals to compare against the required levels, possibilities of disorders and other problems affecting hair of the patient. Generally mineral imbalance is the cause of hair problems.


Hair DX is a predictive test that forecasts the possibilities of hair loss that may occur on account of genetics with an accuracy of 80%. This test is a screening test for pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia).

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