Healthy Hair Regimen

Our hair is a naturally delicate part of our body and needs extra care and attention to maintain it properly. A comprehensive hair care regimen is a vital in maintaining healthy hair, which is imperative to an individual’s confidence.

To understand the requirements of healthy hair we need to start with understanding the basics of hair. Maintaining hair is important to bring the beauty of hair to life.

Hair care

Cleansing is an inevitable need of the hair and the scalp too. Cleansing ideally should be done once every two days since over cleansing can damage hair. Once cleansed drying needs to be done very carefully and gently using a soft towel. Squeezing excess water gently and blotting with towel will ensure it is done right. Hair dryers should be avoided as far as possible to avoid damage.

Detangling is the most basic form of care that hair shafts need. Tangled hair tends to get damaged easily especially when wet. And complex tangles if not cleansed well can lead to matted hair syndrome, which leaves no option for treatment but cut off.

Using a hair conditioner ensures the hair has healthy shine while hair nourisher promotes growth of hair.

Scalp care

A healthy scalp is the ideal breeding ground for healthy hair. To maintain a healthy scalp, it needs to be cleansed regularly. Regular cleansing with a good shampoo or an anti dandruff shampoo if required, is the key to this.

Additionally scalp conditioning ensures the growth of hair is well sustained. Deep conditioning too should be done on a weekly basis to avoid dryness.

Apart from this two minutes of scalp massage is a good exercise that stimulates the blood circulation promoting a healthy scalp, but anything beyond this will cause oiliness.

Cosmetics and Product

An important thing to note is that chemical products should be avoided because chemicals interact with mineral composition of hair causing damage and also affect the scalp skin adversely.

The choice of the shampoo also makes a vital difference in the results and impact on your hair. A good shampoo should be mild with a natural base and cleansing properties.

A good hair conditioner is one that makes the hair feel soft and silky. Henna is the oldest and the best natural conditioner available that makes hair look great.

Moisturizer helps the scalp and though it the hair to retain optimum content of hydration to prevent dryness and control damage.

A nourisher helps replenishment of natural oils and nutrients in the scalp to promote growth of healthy hair. Arnica, bramhi and almond oil are great nourishers for the scalp and form a great combination to nourish hair.

Styling gels and creams contain alcohol which warms up hair making it prone to damage. Thuja, calendula and burberries are good natural styling agents that make up for a unique hair raising experience.

Colouring hair is a stylish trend however chemical colours have the damaging content to affect hair badly while the coats of colour tend to leave your hair dry. Colouring with natural colours is always a good idea. Henna is a good natural colour which also acts as a conditioner.

Plastic, metal and fibre combs are good conductors while wood being a bad conductor is a good material for combs, especially rosewood. Wide toothed combs are better than finely spaced ones since it ensures minimal damage to hair because of breaking and uprooting while combing tangles in hair.

Our hair is made up of protein, so the first step to healthy hair is a protein rich balanced diet. Along with proteins hair also contains a wide range of minerals which are available naturally.
Avoid unhealthy foods that are high on sugar, carbohydrates, fats and trans-fats. Junk foods especially are a source of these contents. Addictions like smoking and alcohol give way to complex problems which are highly likely to impact hair health like the body.

Hair problems are very often a result of stress. So a stress free lifestyle is positive to hair health. A well synchronised day with proper rest at night keeps stress away. Yoga and meditation add to the benefits. Though exercise is good for the body, a proper balance of workout helps imbalance in testosterone levels of the body.

Head gear
Hair is adversely affected due to tight head gear and hot conditions for the scalp. Care should be taken to wear head dress that is not too tight and sufficiently ventilated.

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