Designer Hair Restoration

In addition to end to end medical solutions for hair and scalp problems through medication, applications and therapy, Richfeel has its very own designer hair restoration centre at Hair Forever.
This world class centre has the state of the art facilities which are a class apart from any other hair restoration centre in India. Equipped with the world class technology in association with Ailesbury hair clinic London, Hair forever provides high quality hair restoration solutions.
A key to getting the best hair restoration solution for yourself is viewing your need for hair restoration from a holistic point of view. Hair forever offers this view and guides you on the best solution for your hair restoration needs. Since we conduct our 1 up analysis to determine your current state, we understand the needs better than others do.
Since we offer both surgical and non surgical hair restoration solution there is no room for doubt on the right choice of the solution for you.
Surgical hair restoration at Hair Forever is done using the latest FUE technology for hair transplant which is proven accurate, executed painless and gives perfection results. A one day procedure, this is priced at affordable levels for our consumers.
Non surgical hair restoration is done with world class human hair fibers with a skin class base & impeccable styling to give you the perfect look that you always wanted with your hair.

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