Baldness can be defined as the advanced state of hair loss where the growth of hair stops completely with consistent loss of hair leaving the scalp openly visible.

Baldness can be classified as reversible baldness and irreversible baldness. In case of reversible baldness, hair re-growth is attained with certain medical treatments. On the other hand irreversible baldness can be treated by either hair transplant or hair replacement since there is no possibility of re-growth with medicines.

Signs of Baldness

  • Though baldness is clearly visible phenomenon, it has its own early indications.
  • Development of bald patches signals a possibility of an underlying medical condition.
  • Tendency to hide the scalp with cap, bandana etc.

Causes of Baldness

Pattern Thinning
Male pattern thinning is the most common cause of baldness in men. In male pattern thinning, hair loss occurs in a pattern and follicles in the affected area die and are not capable of hair growth anymore.

Scarring alopecia leads to permanent loss of hair follicles causing baldness. In scarring alopecia the scar goes beyond the epidermis into the dermis and the hair follicle is completely destroyed and hence there is no possibility of hair re-growth.

Complex hair conditions
Baldness can be a result of complicated hair conditions like pseudopelade, folliculitis decalvans, lichen planopilaris, discoid lupus erythematosus and S.L.E.

Myths about Baldness

Shaving ones head can help avoid baldness


Baldness treatment process

Physical check (Capilloscopy)
A physical check of the bald area of the scalp is done to understand the state of the hair follicles. Done with a high resolution imaging software using a capilloscope, the process helps understand the damage of hair follicles that are not visible to the naked eye. The instrument helps us to determine the state of the scalp and the remaining hair.

We document, analyse and assess the entire personal, medical and lifestyle history of our clients to ensure we cover are aware of aspects of baldness causes and accordingly take the treatment process forward.

Hair test and analysis
For those who are suffering from hair baldness, trichoanalysis of the hair that is Trichogram is advisable otherwise there is no absolute quantification of abnormal or normal hair loss. The extent of hair loss can only be completely assessed through laboratory analysis of hair samples by finding out A: T ratio of the hair. This report also helps evaluate the structure of the hair at the root or the bulb and the body or the shaft level. For this purpose 10-12 hair strands are plucked and sent to our laboratory for testing. The rest report also gives us an idea about the keratin levels in the hair.

Baldness is categorized as reversible baldness and irreversible baldness.

Reversible baldness is treated with a combined approach of medication, applications and therapy.

Based on the results of physical check of hair and scalp, the results of the lab report of hair samples and the history of the patient, our trichologists prescribe medicines to treat hair loss. These medicines are made from natural plant extracts and are given on basis of grade for hair loss problems.

External applications
Products like shampoo, oil, tonic etc are recommended for application on hair and scalp. They are made of natural extracts like the jaborandi extracts and saw palmetto extracts.

Patented therapeutic treatments are also given to patients as a part of hair loss treatment process. Of these Tricho Scalp Therapy (popularly known as TST) is prescribed to patients for sittings to achieve results over a period of time. This unique treatment helps by disinfecting, detoxifying and rejuvenating your hair and scalp. This treatment is generally prescribed on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis based on the needs of your hair and scalp by your trichologist.

Baldness treatment for irreversible baldness is done in two ways – surgical baldness treatment (hair transplant) and non surgical baldness treatment.

Surgical baldness treatment (hair transplant)
Hair transplant treatment for baldness involves plucking of hair follicles from the unaffected healthy area of the scalp, usually the back of the head and implanting hair on the bald area on top, crown and above the forehead. This process is usually done at initial stages of hair loss, though it can be done for bald people too.

Non surgical baldness treatment
In non surgical treatment hair camouflage is the concept that is used to cover baldness. This process involves use of processed natural human hair planted on a thin derma base. This base is cut and designed to custom fit the scalp of the individual undergoing treatment. The effectiveness of this treatment lies in the natural look of hair and the custom fitting that makes the appearance perfectly natural and real.
Another option in non surgical treatment is the new revolutionary temporary camouflage. In this case the bald area of the hair is sprayed or sprinkled with keratin fibres of natural hair colour that gives a perfect appearance of hair on the scalp temporarily. This easily lasts for an entire day.

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