Dandruff is a scalp problem caused by flaking of scalp skin tissues resulting in white flakes appearing all over the scalp and on hair shafts.

Dandruff is the most common problem that affects everyone at some point of time in their lives, since flaking is a natural process of peeling of dead skin cells that are peeled off by the scalp. And dandruff’s natural existence cannot be completely eliminated; it’s the high and chronic levels of dandruff that need attention.

Signs of Dandruff

  • Dandruff flakes visible especially on dark clothes
  • Frequent itching feeling on the scalp
  • Continuous scratching

Causes of Dandruff

Poor scalp hygiene
Dandruff thrives on poor hygiene of scalp which causes flaking
Lack of scalp conditioning – Dandruff may also arise if there is insufficient conditioning for the scalp since scalp skin tends to flake out without proper nourishment.

Infrequent shampooing
Improper cleansing of scalp is a common reason for increase in scalp flaking leading to dandruff

An increase in oil secretion levels of the body results internally leads to dandruff flakes. Dandruff incidence tends to be high in people with oily skin. This can also arise in case of oily scalp due to over conditioning with oil.

Weather conditions
It is a common observation that dandruff rises in winter due to dry weather which aids dead cells peel.

Fungal infections
Fungal infections in scalp lead to itching and scratching which aids dandruff flakes on scalp.

Emotional or mental stress
Like most hair problems stress is a factor that is a cause of dandruff too.

Effect of cosmetics
Modern day hair products like hair sprays, gels, creams and colouring products impact scalp cells which flake out as dandruff. Allergic people may see chronic situations too.

Excessive use of hot dryers
Hot dryers used on hair dry out the scalp too leaving it short of conditioning raising dandruff concerns.

Tight hats / scarves
Tight head cover leads to scalp dryness in winter and sweatiness in summer which again give rise to dandruff.


Dandruff Treatment Process

Dandruff treatment involves detecting the extent of dandruff and areas affected. While cleansing is an important thing that ensures clean scalp, internal conditions of dry scalp and flaking problems also need to be addressed.

Physical check (Capilloscopy)
A physical check of the scalp is important to understand the state of the dandruff in the scalp. A high resolution imaging software and a capilloscope are used in the process to help understand the scalp conditions which are not visible to the naked eye.

Documenting, analysis and assessment of the entire personal, medical and lifestyle history covering all aspects of the dandruff problem helps take the treatment process forward accordingly.

Hair test and analysis
A comprehensive trichoanalysis of the hair is advisable to ensure a complete medical understanding of the hair and scalp. The extent of hair loss can only be completely assessed through laboratory analysis of hair samples by finding out A: T ratio of the hair. This report also helps evaluate the structure of the hair at the root or the bulb and the body or the shaft level. For this purpose 10-12 hair strands are plucked and sent to our laboratory for testing. The rest report also gives us an idea about the keratin levels in the hair.

Based on understanding of physical check of hair and scalp, the results of the lab report of hair samples and the history of the patient, medicines are prescribed to treat dandruff. The medicines are of natural plant extracts and different grades for dandruff treatment.

External applications
Products like shampoo, oil, tonic etc are recommended for application on hair and scalp. They too are made of natural extracts like the jaborandi extracts and saw palmetto extracts.

Treatments may also involve certain patented therapeutic treatments as a part of hair loss treatment process. Tricho Scalp Therapy (popularly known as TST) is prescribed to patients for sittings to achieve results over a period of time. This unique treatment involves disinfecting, detoxifying and rejuvenating the hair and scalp. Generally it is prescribed on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis based on the needs of the hair and scalp.

A balanced diet with inclusion of key nutrients complements the natural dandruff treatment for a patient. A complete guide to hair food and a nutritious diet forms a part of the treatment and consulting process.

While a stress free lifestyle is needed for health of hair, specific advice on stress management and other lifestyle habits is important in the treatment process to achieve optimum results.

Since the dandruff treatment takes place over a period of time it needs to be reviewed regularly to monitor results. Periodic follow ups of patients to verify results and requirements for further treatment help in eradication of dandruff problems. The progress is documented accurately and reflects on the patient’s case card too.

Maintaining hair after hair loss treatment is as important as the treatment itself. We provide world class natural hair products ranging from oils, shampoos, creams and cleansers that help you maintain healthy hair even after your treatment process is over.

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