Grey hair problem is known as premature greying of hair in people at an early age. While grey hair is a part of the natural ageing process in people over the age of 30 years, excess of grey hair is a cause of concern too.

Signs of Grey Hair

  • Appearance of silver strands of hair
  • Noticeable patches of grey hair
  • Loss of the original colour of hair
  • Use of colouring products

Causes of Grey Hair

The most common and natural cause for greying of hair is the body’s natural ageing process where hair turns grey which is mostly after the age of 30 yrs for the Asian population. This is not a pathological hair problem since it’s the part of body’s normal ageing process but still it can be something to worry about if it is going too fast.

Excessive prolonged stress, anxiety and tension may cause premature grey hair.

Health problems
Severe illness like typhoid can also be a cause of premature greying.

Food habits
Excessive intake of beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol leads to greying. High consumption of fried and oily foods, spices, acidic food substances can trigger greying of hair.

Nutritional deficiency
Grey hair occurs as a result of deficiency of essential nutrients in diet. This may happen during dieting and weight loss sessions. While malnutrition is a cause of grey hair an imbalanced diet is mostly a result of consumption of excessive junk foods. The main nutrients whose deficiency contributes to premature greying are vitamin B complex, iron, copper and iodine deficiency in the daily diet.

Grey hair also results on account of influence of paternal or maternal genes of an individual just like it does in case of hair loss.

Smoking tobacco inducts toxins in the body that affect hormonal, mineral and chemical balance of the body resulting in grey hair prematurely.

Pituitary or Thyroid
Hormonal imbalance in the pituitary or thyroid glands also affects melanin production causing grey hair.

Myths about grey hair

  • Pluck one and two grow out.
  • Hair can turn grey overnight
  • Treatment

    Grey Hair Treatment Process

    Grey hair treatment is done with an objective to control, sustain and reverse the greying process; however the patient’s body response is a key factor in the process. This treatment is a long term process that shows results gradually and to varying degrees.

    Physical check (Capilloscopy)
    A physical check of the hair and scalp is conducted to get a clearer magnified view of hair strands with a high resolution imaging software using a capilloscope. This helps understand the physical state of the hair shafts to assess the grey cover and any other scalp conditions that may not be easily seen.

    Documentation, analysis and assessment of the entire personal, medical and lifestyle history of our clients is done to ensure we cover all possible aspects of grey hair causes and proceed with the treatment accordingly.

    Hair test and analysis
    A comprehensive laboratory gives a complete analysis of hair samples and any other related problems. Around 10-12 hair strands are plucked and tested in our laboratory. The lab test of hair samples shows a detailed report on parameters like keratin content, anagen to telogen ratio and strength of the hair shaft and root.

    Based on physical check of hair and scalp, the results of the lab report of hair samples and the patient history, our trichologists give prescription of medicines to treat grey hair. These medicines are made of natural plant extracts and graded for treatment at various levels.

    External applications
    Products like creams, gels, shampoo and oil etc. are recommended for application on hair and scalp to ensure proper care of hair and avoid damage.

    Patented therapeutic treatments play a vital role in hair treatment process. Of these Tricho Scalp Therapy (popularly known as TST) is prescribed to patients for sittings to achieve results over a period of time.

    A balanced diet with inclusion of key nutrients is a good complement to the natural hair loss treatment that a patient undergoes. A complete guide to healthy hair food and a nutritious diet is a part of the treatment and consulting process.

    Though a stress free lifestyle is imperative for health of hair, specific advice on managing stress and other disorderly lifestyle habits is an important part of the treatment process to achieve optimum results.

    Since the treatment of hair loss takes place over a period of time it needs to be reviewed regularly to monitor results. For this patients are advised periodic follow ups to verify results and requirements for further treatment. This progress is documented accurately and reflects on the patient’s case card.

    Maintaining hair after hair loss treatment is as important as the treatment itself. We provide world class natural hair products ranging from oils, shampoos, creams and cleansers that help you maintain healthy hair even after your treatment process is over.

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