Rich, thick, shiny hair and healthy glowing skin are perhaps the best indicators of the fountain of youth. Just as ageing skin manifests itself through wrinkles, ageing hair manifests itself through ‘thinning’ of hair.

Hair treatments have so far been ordinarily related to hair conditioning, hair rejuvenation and clinically limited to hair loss control, hair restoration. Hair regeneration has never been a possibility until now however with Richfeel’s pioneering experience in hair treatment research this is now a reality.

Richfeel conducted a series of research on hair regeneration under the guidance of Dr Apoorva Shah, the pioneer of trichology in India to eventually discover and develop the application of plant stem cell technology for hair regeneration in collaboration with scientists from Switzerland and Italy.


Plant stem cell technology aims to slow down and reduce the ageing process by working on stem cells within the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.

The Richfeel Anagrow treatment is the first of its kind in the world of hair care using “PCT Rejuva Max having Plant stem extracts and RF Anagrow 10X the first of its kind transdermal hair follicular penetrating machine.

The PCT Rejuva Max product is made for the first time with the plant stem cell technology and has Apple Stem Cells, Pea Stem Cells and Argan stem cells extracts.

The PCT Rejuva Max extract is pushed into the hair follicles using the RF Anagrow10 x machine to help fight the five signs of thinning:

  • Scanty hair
  • Lack of hair growth
  • Decreased volume ( length )
  • Decreased density ( thickness )
  • Hair loss / Baldness

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The stem cell discovery

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