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I have personally experienced good treatment from richfeel and Im happy too
SUJATA, 25Aundh, Pune, Hair loss

The result have not been very satisfoctory. Keeping in mind the amount of moneey that has been spent and the time given I expected more resul;t. I hope that whatever recovery I have made is maintained in future. Thanks to all the staff for their cooperation.
Vinita Sherleakar, 44Indore, Hair fall Thinning Greying Hairs

TST was Very Relaxing!
Kunti, 32Mumbai, Peddar road, Mumbai, Greying

I had come primararily for my grey hair as nobody seems to claim a treatment for grey hair except for Richfeel ! Hence really optimistic about some favourable results
ApekshaMalad, Mumbai, Greying

Treatment at Richfeel has been a good experience for me. What I appreciated most was the detailed history of the patient that the clinic records at the outset to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Also inspite of the fact that my doctor changed on more than 3 occasions, there was continuity in the treatment and everyone was on the same page as regards my hair needs and solution thereof
SonaliBorivali, Mumbai, FPT