Training at Richfeel

Richfeel offers state of the art training for its employees with focus on latest industry developments to equip them with cutting edge skills to carry out their tasks.

Both medical and non medical professionals are trained to prepare themselves for a career full of knowledge, learning and growth oriented path in the wellness industry.

A training certification at Richfeel is a mark of the highest industry standards in the hair and scalp care industry which carries international acclaim.

Trichology Education

Trichology is the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. While until 1980’s trichology was completely unheard of as a specialization until today awareness of trichology treatment is quite low amongst the masses.

Trichology was pioneered in India by Dr Apoorva Shah in 1980’s when he and Dr Sonal Shah became India’s first certified trichologists from IAT Australia. Over a period of time they facilitated high quality trichology treatments to patients across India through Richfeel.

Richfeel is now proud to have taken a step in promoting world class trichology education and research in association with WMTA, USA and MET institute Mumbai. WMTA or World Medical Trichologist Association is an international institute that aims to provide medical professionals in India with not just quality education in trichology but also practical understanding of all aspects of trichological medicine and surgical treatments. To add more WMTA education also facilitates advanced research opportunities to talented professionals.

Following are the courses available to eligible students at WMTA through Richfeel
Certificate course in Trichology
Diploma course in Trichology

For more details on courses please click access WMTA website.